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Blackout bingo is the game where you need to fill all the spots to win the game.


As the name states, to win the game you need to fill the spots in such a way that they are in a straight line.


T's bingo is the game where you need to fill the spots in T shape to win the game.


If you are able to fill the spots in a U shape then you have won the Us Bingo


If you are able to fill the spots in a N shape then you have won the Ns Bingo

What Is Bingo?

Bingo is a game that has been in existence since 1530. The game has almost five centuries of history. It is the most famous game in the world.

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Things to keep in mind while playing bingo

Playing Bingo

While bingo undoubtedly is the best party game we have, not everyone wins! While luck does play a major role in you winning a round of bingo, did you also know that winning bingo is in your hands too! The odds of you winning this game based on pure luck depends on quite a few things – read on to know them!

More tickets:

The best way to increase your chances of winning is to buy more tickets! At least one of them will end up with all numbers struck off and will end up with you having the prize money in hand! This trick doesn’t work always, but it does most of the times. So get yourself multiple tickets and keep an alert eye on them all!

Bingo tickets

Manage the tickets well:

Buying many tickets in the runt o win won’t help – keep your cool and purchase only the number of tickets which you can handle well. Keeping an eye on multiple tickets is not an easy task, with the numbers rambling over quickly. Six tickets at a time are fair enough.

Choose the cards right:

Don’t select cards with repeated numbers appearing on them. It won’t make any sense to buy numerous tickets with the same numbers on them. Select diverse tickets so that your chances of winning the game are high.

Start playing with smaller groups:

Getting the hang of the game is the first thing you have to do – so don’t start off directly by entering a big bingo house! You can take your baby steps in this game by playing with smaller groups. This will help you have a better understanding of the game, the rules and knick-knacks of the game in a much better way. Also, the fewer the people, higher the chances of you winning!


Watch your budget:

Getting entangled in this exciting game is pretty common. So you have to keep a watch on your budget too! You don’t want to end up with empty pockets while on a quest to win more and more money in the bingo games. Make sure you’ve set your limits and stay within them.

Know the rules:

You may learn the rules while playing the game, but you also need to attempt to know them before you begin playing. Read the rules, try to memorize them and keep them in your mind. You can quickly implement this theoretical information practically while playing the games later.
Good luck – Happy Bingo-ing!

Celebs who love bingo as much as you do!


Who said bingo is restricted to the common man? Boy, we have celebs who love bingo much more than we all do! The thrill of playing the game, the joy upon receiving the prize money – the celebs enjoy it all through and through just like us all! So who are these popular celebrities who love bingo? Read on to know more!

Kate Moss

Kate Moss:

The top model loves playing Bingo, and she plays it like a ritual every Saturday! After her divorce from Jamie Hince, Kate Moss turned to her good friend Sadie frost for support. And guess how did they beat the blues together? By playing our beloved game Bingo! The model and her children love playing bingo, and she looks at bingo-time as a great way to bond with her children. Isn’t bingo just the best?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo:

The best footballer in the world fell in love with this game in a different way – he didn’t know English well and had to learn it to communicate with his then manager Alex Ferguson. Someone had gifted him a bingo DVD – he not only picked up English phrases but also fell in love with bingo right there! He finds bingo “very exciting” – so do we all, don’t we?

Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones:

Having played the game throughout her childhood, Catherine Zeta-Jones is one ardent lover of bingo! Being brought up Wales (where bingo is very famous) was the reason why there was so much of Bingo in their life ever since childhood. Even now, she continues hosting bingo parties in her home and looks forward to bonding with family and friends with these bingo sessions. And yes, she has even struck the jackpot once – by winning a $100,000 on a bingo night – which was then used to fund her ballet classes!

Prince William

Prince William:

Well, one royal does feature in this list! The Prince has often been spotted at bingo houses, making it super obvious that he loves bingo like us all too! He caught the bingo-bug while he was training in the Sandhurst Military Academy and since then there has been no turning back for this royal!

Bingo is a much-loved game – all across the world, rich or poor, famous or not, this game rules all our hearts. And the fact that it can be curated as per requirements and availability makes it even more appealing to all of us! Cheers to bingo and cheers to all the bingo lovers out there!

History of Bingo

History of Bingo

We love playing this game when we’re at a family get together or some other fun party- yes, Bingo is what I’m talking about! A simple fun game which is widely played across the world and which livens up the most boring of all get-togethers- have you ever wondered where it originated from? If not, this post is all about tracing back the origins of the famously played game Bingo:


Well, brace yourself for this new piece of information – the origins of Bingo have been traced back to the year 1530! Can you imagine how the people in those times were creative enough to come up with a simple game that is still loved by people of all age groups? It originated in Italy, and was known as “La Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia.” The best part about it? It’s still played on every Saturday in Italy to this day! It took a lot of time – around 1770, for the ‘Le Lotto’ to reach France, where it was openly received with equal enthusiasm. Bingo was also used by Germans, not to play though – but to use it as a technique to teach kids maths.

Vintage Bingo


Bingo was also played in churches – a lot of people attending churches played this fun game making it increasingly popular. In the year 1934, approximately 10,000 bingo games were played every week! Following this increasing popularity of Bingo, it slowly started making an appearance in casinos too. It’s already popular presence made it a superhit in casinos, increasing revenues by manifolds!

Bingo also started to mark its presence in households, home parties, family parties, get-togethers – with people making merry over a game of bingo. And it doesn’t stop there, the simplicity of this game has also made it a staple in retirement and nursing homes too – spreading cheer there too!


And coming to today, bingo still hasn’t lost that charm – we still love playing bingo at any and every social event! And the best part of it is that it goes with any and every event and is loved by all. Young and old sit together counting on their luck to play this fantastic game – bingo does have it to bring people together!

Interesting Bingo pattern ideas


If Bingo is a staple at all your parties and get-togethers, cheers! You love Bingo as much as we do and we’re super happy! But hey, don’t you think that playing Bingo by sticking to the same old rules can make it a bit boring? Ever thought of spicing it up a bit? Well, that’s the best part about bingo – you can alter it as you wish to and have your own fun! Here are a few twists and turns which you can add to make your very own customized bingo – read on!

Arrow pattern

1. The arrow pattern:

Include this arrow pattern in your bingo games – you can point the arrow to whichever direction you want to. You could also have double arrows, cross arrows, intersecting arrows to make the game even harder to win!

2. The entire frame:

The borderline numbers are all included in the frame – how about getting someone to scream Bingo! once all the numbers in the frame are struck off? An interesting twist to the game!

Frame pattern

3. Pick any letter:

The pattern on the bingo ticket allows you to work out a number of letters on them, so why not do it? And don’t go in for the same old ‘H’ – try out something innovative and different such as Z, inverted Z, S, triple I and other such fun letters – it’s up to you, get as innovative as you can!

4. Triangles:

There’s a lot of scope for triangles on bingo tickets – you can have two large triangles or four triangles to strike off! Tough one to crack must say!


5. Numbers:

Your ticket can accommodate a lot of number patterns too – so make sure you explore those patterns also.

6. Shapes:

Apart from triangles, you can have a host of other shapes too. You can halve the shapes to have more fun and make the game even trickier!


7. Themed patterns:

Suppose it’s Christmas, go in for the Christmas Tree shape. Or if it’s someone’s anniversary, you can have the heart shape too. For birthdays, you can choose the number of years the birthday person has completed or even the first letter of the birthday person’s name. It’s super fun to have themed patterns!

Bingo is all about enjoying and having fun, and when the tickets have so much scope to explore and innovate – so get as creative as you can to make the most of this fun game!

Tips to make your Bingo sessions more fun


The fact that you’re here proves that you’re a self and publicly confessed bingo lover! Well well, if bingo is what you go to when you want to entertain guests for any event you are hosting, why not make these bingo sessions memorable by making them even more enjoyable? How can you spruce up your bingo sessions and amp up the fun quotient – read on!

1. Introduce whacky patterns:

Why stick to the same old boring patterns when you can get all creative and fun with the patterns? Look out for fun shapes and make your bingo sessions more exciting and tough to crack. Apart from shapes, numbers, you can also go in for theme-based patterns – and watch the buzzing enthusiasm all around!

2. Get themed tickets:

Why not allow the tickets to have a touch of festivities too? Get those themed tickets and watch your guests admire them! So if it’s Christmas, get Christmas colored or Christmas based tickets. Same applies for other special occasions too. There are other ways to get creative with the tickets too – so wrack your brains and get those innovative ideas out!


3. Exciting prizes:

No matter what the age group, people always love rewards! So why not bring in some exciting prizes and watch the excitement levels go up? You can decide the prizes, or you can even ask the guests to pitch in with some money per head – this makes your game even more interesting.

Bingo swap

4. Swap Bingo:

This is a fun feature you need to add that surprise element to your bingo sessions! Right in between an on-going game, announce that everyone has to swap tickets with the person on their right or with anyone they wish to – and watch the chaos ensue! Hell will set loose with everyone trying to get hold of the winning ticket!

Eat easy

5. Easy to eat food:

Bingo sessions are incomplete without food! And make sure the food isn’t messy – easy to pick and pass food is what you can opt for. Also, introduce a different variety of food options too – those that follow the theme, or the bingo card colors!

Get all creative to make your bingo sessions ones that everyone will remember! And what’s better than getting the ‘Best Bingo Host’ tag? We’ll be evidently proud to get that one!

Reasons why people love Bingo

Enjoying Bingo

Bingo has been here since ages now, and yet, none of us seem to tire of it! That’s because Bingo in itself is such a fun game, that we can’t bring ourselves not to like it. We love Bingo – and so do a tonne of people around us! Ever wondered why the fan-following of Bingo is ever increasing? We’ll tell you why! Read on to know why people love bingo so much:

1. Simple and easy to play:

It’s probably the easiest game to play! The rules are not difficult to remember. In fact, you need not even repeat the rules every time you start playing the game in an event – if the box of Bingo is out, it’s all understood!


2. Scope to innovate:

Bingo tickets come in with a lot of scope to innovate and create new patterns – and we bingo lovers leave no stone unturned to come up with new patterns! And this makes sure the game never gets boring at all – there’s something new always!

3. Enjoyed by all:

You don’t need to be of a specific age to play bingo – anyone who understands numbers can play! Right from that little kid who’s just learned numbers in school to the senior citizens – everyone is more than ready and eager to play this fun game! That’s what makes this game loved by all – the more, the merrier right?


4. Better hand-eye coordination:

Bingo not only keeps you in a high alert mode but also improves hand-eye coordination. Plus the fact that you have to scream out bingo right before someone else does makes your mind alert and active too! Any better reason to love Bingo?

5. Helps to heal:

For those who’ve just come out of major surgery or illness, Bingo is a must! Bingo helps to boost the happy hormones and positive energy around you, helping you to recover faster. Plus, those playing bingo have even been noticed to temporarily forget the pain and discomfort caused by illness or surgery.


6. Online bingo:

Not only does bingo light up parties and get-togethers, but it also does so in the online world! And you don’t always need physical company to play a game you love too! The online bingo community is huge and ever-growing making it easier for bingo lovers to continue playing their favorite game even when no one’s around!

Cheers to all Bingo lovers out there!

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